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Male Competitor Kit Competition Tanning and Stage Finishers

1.499,00 kr

Kit Includes 1 of Each:

• Get Buffed® Pre-Tan Skin Balancing Exfoliator (8.0 oz)
• Hair Away® Extra Strength Hair Removal Lotion (8.0 oz)
• Pro Tan® Overnight Competition Color Base Coat (8.5 oz)
• Pro Tan® Instant Competition Color® Top Coat Mousse (7.0 oz)
• Show Shine® Ultra-Light Competition Posing Oil (4.0 oz)

Dimensions 20,5 × 15,5 × 20,5 cm


This kit contains everything a Male Competitor needs to look perfect on Stage

Kit is sold as a single unit and items cannot be substituted. Open stock items are available for purchase separately.

Color Guide Chart

How To Apply Base Coat


How To Apply Top Coat


How To Apply Posing Oil


Dimensions 20,5 × 15,5 × 20,5 cm