Bodybuilding and fitness

Our founder Charlie Chirah Abboh is a merited, experienced professional bodybuilder ( 4 times Mr. Universe, World champion, European champion, Scandinavian champion, Norwegian champion, no.1 professional bodybuilder in Norway 2008 -2014) with a wide range of experience in other sports like Athletics, martial arts – Karate, boxing and football as well a qualified political scientist (MSC) from the University Of Oslo – Norway. Charlie has over 35 years of experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. He is an experienced Personal Trainer and well known in the industry and media in Norway, the Nordic countries and in Europe.

We offer the following services;

–  Personal training services – One on one personal training sessions or in groups of up to 4 trainees.

–  Nutrition consultancy – We offer consultancy services concerning your nutritional needs to help you achieve your specific nutritional needs and goals.

– Online coaching

–  Bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle coaching – Here we offer you a complete range of services from  personal training, training, diet/nutrition, supplements programs, the link between these services and your ability to build, lead and maintain a healthy sports fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle.

–  Construction and sale of training programs – Here clients can purchase training programs, each  training program can used for a period of 3-4 months before the client progresses over to a new      program

– Construction and sale of diet programs – Clients can purchase custom made diet programs tailored      to their particular needs.

– Construction and sale of supplement programs – Here clients can purchase supplement programs      that is compatible with their training needs and level of development.


Spray Tanning & partner salons

Do you want to go into the business of spray tanning or are you a beauty and hair salon and think you have a place for spray tanning in your salon, then contact us. We represent the no. 1 tanning company in the world – Protan and are in the process of expanding our business. We have everything you need to start the business from spray tan equipment – Protan HVLP Spray Tanning system, Spray tanning Tents, Base/Top coats and tanning accessories. In addition, we offer certified training on how to spray tan for businesses and individuals. Certified spray tanners will be recruited to be a part of our spray tanning team that will be travelling with us in the Nordic countries as well as elsewhere in Europe to do spray tanning at local and international bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Interested businesses and individuals are welcomed to contact us here. Prospective partner saloons will be listed here as they are signed up.