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Fat Burners and Diuretics

Fat burners and diuretics can help accelerate fat loss by boosting metabolism, regulating appetite, and reducing cravings. They can also increase energy, focus, and drive, traits that commonly decline during periods of caloric restriction.*

Fat burners can also help your body access and burn stored body fat more efficiently through the use of ingredients such as L-Carnitine, Ginger Root, and Green Tea. These ingredients, all of which can be found in Steel Sweat, support your weight loss efforts by increasing lipolysis and fat oxidation — helping transform your body into a pure fat-burning machine. Other ingredients, such as Evodiamine, can actually help prevent your body from storing fat too.*

But achieving the body you’ve always wanted isn’t simply about burning body fat. Getting your ideal physique also entails helping eliminate excess water retention, which can cover up otherwise impressive body composition.

Diuretics help flush unwanted water from the body, giving you the dry, sculpted look of the magazine cover models. By using powerful combinations of all-natural herbs and plant extracts, SteelFit’s leaning and toning formulas help reduce bloating and “puffiness”, giving you the slim, trim look you’ve always wanted.*

Steel Sweat®, Steel Core®, and Hydra Steel®, along with the rest of our fat loss products, can support your weight loss efforts when combined with a structured diet and exercise program.

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