Official Distributor For Protan and Steelfit in The Scandinavia

About Precision Sports Nordic AS

Who we are?

Precision Sports Nordic AS is a unique company that is designed to provide you the best state of the art Sports Nutrition & Skin Fitness  Products and Accessories.

Precision Sports Nordic also offers a complete range of sunless tanning products including Competition Tanning (spray tanning), Sunless Tanning Creams/Lotions, Professional Spray Tanning Equipment as well as training for individuals and companies in or wanting to go into the spray tanning business.

We also offer complementary sports fitness services such as Personal training (PT), Nutrition consultancy, Online coaching, Bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle coaching as well as the construction and sale of training, diet & supplements programs. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive list of products & services that helps you to archive your bodybuilding & fitness goals and lead a successful fitness life style making you, strong, confident and sexy fit. 

Our complementary sports fitness services will take of in August 2021 and will be run through our upcoming new website Precision sports Fitness which will be announced here later. This site is exclusively for our sports nutrition, skin fitness, sunless tanning products and Rump Wrapps.

About our shop

C.C. Abboh NINOB CO. is the official distributor for Performance Brands Inc.USA in the Nordic region with sole rights in Norway and Sweden. Precision Sports Nordic AS is the daughter company of C.C. Abboh NINOB CO. Precision Sports Nordic AS will take over the running of the business on Monday 19.08.21. Meanwhile you can confidently place your orders.

Our site is secured, our products are safe for consumption, clinically tested, doping’s free and registered with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority Mattilsynet. Our products are ment for all sports interested from the causal trainer, weekend warriors to advanced professional sports women and men.

Our supplement line – Steelfit supplements. SteelfitUSA is one of the few  international companies that take female athletes serious as well as recognizes the special needs of female athletes. As a result, Steelfitusa has launched a series of supplements specifically for female athletes in addition to the regular supplements for both men & women thereby giving the athlete the ability to choose in accordance to one’s special needs and desires.

We guarantee you that our products will deliver results as described on our product information, on brochures, on product labels and on our site.

Finally, our products are top high end products that are designed for the conscious, knowledgeable and fastidious customer.

The site is continuously under upgrade. 

Our supplier, Performance Brands Inc. (PBI), is an American corporation that are the makers of the world’s finest Hair care, Sunless Tanning and skin Fitness products since 1987. They recently launched the cutting edge, highly innovative SteelFit®Product Portfolio which is designed to solve your fitness problems.

PBI’s Pro Tan® is the Official Tanning Sponsor of Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classics and the preferred choice of athletes all over the world since.  Protan is the no.1 tanning company in the world and we Precision Sports Nordic are proud to be PBI’s official representative in the region.

We invite you to connect with us via email, Facebook and Instagram to share your experiences with our products and let us know how we can help you to archive your fitness goals and lead a successful fitness lifestyle.

We´ll like to invite you to follow us on social media, and we encourage you to reach out to us, with any questions you might have.

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