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Post workout supplements are intended to be taken immediately following your workout to kickstart the repair, recovery, and growth process. So many think that being in the gym builds muscle when it’s actually the opposite. Resistance training and other forms of intense exercise deplete glycogen stores and tear down muscle tissue. It’s not until after you set down the weights that muscle repair and growth takes place.

Following training, insulin sensitivity is heightened, which means your muscles are ready to take up whatever you throw their way. Consuming the right nutrients in this post-workout period can do wonders to improve recovery, decrease soreness, and promote muscle growth. SteelFit® offers a complete lineup of post workout supplements to promote muscle repair, halt muscle breakdown, and replenish energy stores.*

At the top of your post workout nutrition needs should be protein, more specifically whey protein.

Whey protein, like the kind used in Steel Whey™, is a superb post-workout supplement due to the fact it is rich in amino acids (the building blocks of protein), high in leucine, and rapid digesting. Consuming whey protein after training provides a rapid infusion of protein to help repair damaged muscle tissue and enhance the growth process.*

Other important nutrients to consider following your workout are electrolytes and creatine monohydrate. During intense exercise, you inevitably sweat, and when you do, you’re losing water and electrolytes. Replenishing these nutrients is essential to subsequent performance and avoiding things such as dehydration, cramping, etc. Steel Fuel® supplies essential electrolytes your body needs to maintain optimal performance and hydration.*

As far as creatine is concerned, what else needs to be said that you don’t already know. It’s the most studied and proven effective supplement of all time. And, while you can technically take it anytime of day, there is some research indicating consuming it post workout might improve its effects further. Most likely this is attributed to enhanced nutrient uptake via heightened insulin sensitivity in the post workout period.

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