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30 Days to a Tighter Booty Detailed Training Program

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Your Transformation Begins Now!*

This 30-Day Training Guide is your ticket to a complete butt makeover in just 4 weeks. With focused exercises that strategically target the specific muscle fibers in your glutes and some easy-to-implement nutrition tips, your buns can be smaller, tighter, and shapelier. Get ready to unveil your best backside ever.*

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Training Program Overview

Your Next 30 Days:

A great view from the rear has always been a treasured commodity in society, but never more so than in the last few years. Careers have been launched and millions of dollars earned by celebs and social media stars whose list of talents stops with an awesome pair of glutes. A common phrase among pro bikini competitors is that contests are “won from the rear.” The value placed on tight round glutes has never been higher. Like bulging biceps for manly men, a great booty has become the single marquee body part for a sexy woman. The Buns Of Steel 30-Day Training Guide is a step-by-step road map to improve muscle tone, burn fat, and improve the overall size, shape, and appearance of your booty.*

The program consists of three workouts a week: Booty Squeeze, Booty Pump, and Booty Assistance. Each workout stimulates the muscle fibers in the glutes and surrounding areas in a different fashion, coaxing the greatest adaptation from a body part that can be stubborn to change. You will choose three to four exercises per workout from the exercise list and cycle them each week. By varying the exercises, you present a new and constantly changing challenge to your booty, giving it no choice but to respond to the demands you place upon it. One day of high-intensity interval training, one day of plyometrics, and two days of active rest will further engage the muscles and support the fat loss that will help sculpt the booty you have always desired.*


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