Spray Tanning & partner salons

Do you want to go into the business of spray tanning or are you a beauty and hair salon and think you have a place for spray tanning in your salon? Then contact us. We represent the no. 1 tanning company in the world – Protan and are in the process of expanding our business. We have everything you need to start the business from spray tan equipment – Protan HVLP Spray Tanning system, Spray tanning Tents, Base/Top coats and tanning accessories. In addition, we will be offering certified training on how to spray tan for businesses and individuals. Certified spray tanners will be recruited to be a part of our spray tanning team that will be travelling with us in the Nordic countries as well as elsewhere in Europe to do spray tanning at local and international bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Interested businesses and individuals are welcomed to contact us here. Prospective partner saloons will be listed here as they are signed up.