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Female Backstage Bundle – Everything You Need To Shine Backstage

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Pro Tan® Female Backstage Bundle combines Show Shine® and Bikini Bite® make sure you have the perfect base tan. This bundle is designed to help you shine on stage while keeping your posing suit in place.

Show Shine Overview

Maximize Your Look under Bright Lights

This ultra-light, dry oil formula is designed to give you the perfect contest sheen while conditioning your skin, leaving it looking its very best.

Formulated exclusively for hot lights, Show Shine® highlights your true muscle definition, eliminating blind spots created by the light and allowing the judges to appreciate all that you’ve worked for.

Show Shine® is perfect for Bikini, Bodybuilding, Fitness and Physique competitors alike and can also be used daily after the shower or bath to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

Bikini Bite Overview

Washes Off with Soap and Water, Won’t Stain Bikini

Control what you want and when you want them to see it with Bikini Bite®.

Unique skin friendly fabric fastener provides superior holding power for hours, yet can be removed easily when desired.